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Our Itinerary

Soon Tessa and I are setting off by bicycle on an odyssey across Europe, carrying our minimal personal effects in panniers. Starting from the Brittany seaside resort of La Baule, we plan in about eight years to reach Constanta on the Black Sea.

We’ll do this for two weeks a year, perhaps eventually three– not to abandon completely our loyal dog and our lives. Thus, it will take us at least four years to reach Budapest, and three or four after that to reach Constanta.

The major cities along the way:

eurovelo 6 cities map

Quixotic at our age? We’ll see how our health, our physical force, and our determination hold out. However, we won’t be “purists”.  If it deluges or if our legs suddenly give way, we’ll take the trains and boats that parallel much of the river-side and canal-side route.

We’ll be posting photos and comments, some by Tessa, some by me. If you wish to enter your email (which you can unsubscribe) you will receive short text messages signaling that there is a new post. The first post will be from La Baule, about May 18, where, weather permitting, we plan a warm-up ride through the beautiful neighboring salt-flats, marshes, and thatched villages.